Client Site Templates Viewer


This new viewer is designed for the creation and maintenance of the template records used in job cloning. Since this is a new viewer, it must be assigned to a user group or groups in order for it to be accessed. We strongly recommend that access be restricted to only those user groups that really need to be able to create or maintain template files.

See Job Template Overview for an overview of the Template files.


The Template option supports the New COD Site screen in for New Call 2. Only those Sites that are flagged as templates will appear on the on Site COD screen.

Work Orders cannot be created for template sites.

Important Fields:

Only those fields that are common to all Site records that be created from this template should be completed. Please refer to Client Site Viewer for details on setting the other fields.

This field must be checked in order to flag this as a template record created for job cloning purposes. Site template records may only be created and modified in this viewer.